Five Mistakes Men Make With Women

Ever feel like the dating scene is just a minefield and you have your foot right smack on top of one all the time? This is a pretty common feeling, believe me. I mean, if it wasn’t there wouldn’t be so many tips and tricks for helping you to navigate it. The truth is that most men just make a lot of the same mistakes with women over and over again.

If you’ve had trouble meeting women or keeping them interested, chances are you’re making some of these very same mistakes too. It might start to seem that women only like one kind of guy. The truth is, though, that most women don’t really know exactly what they want. They just know what they don’t want.

Mistake #1: Being too Macho
Sure a strong male is attractive to a woman, but if she thinks that’s all there is to you, you’re probably not going to get anywhere. And really, the fact that a guy can carry on an intelligent conversation is a lot more important than how many other guys he can beat up, so keep the bravado to a minimum.

playing macho mucho guy

Mistake #2: Trying too Hard
A woman’s either going to like you or she’s not. Trying too hard and pleading your case isn’t going to help you one bit. In fact, it will likely turn off any other woman within earshot as well. Be yourself and move on if she’s not interested.

Mistake #3: A Woman Is Not a Possession
There are certainly times when a woman likes to feel supported and protected by her man, but that doesn’t mean she’ll ever want you to treat her like you own her. It’s all too common for men to fall into this trap and it’s a sure fire way to cause friction in the relationship.

Mistake #4: Trying to Buy Your Way in
While buying a woman a drink is the classic pickup, it actually doesn’t work that well for most guys nowadays. Gender roles being what they are today, you’re always going to be running the risk that you’ll offend a modern woman by trying to pick up the tab for her cocktail. Also, trying to buy her things will often just come off as trying to buy your way into her affections – something that’s neither attractive nor necessary.

Mistake #5: Not Listening
With all of the other things you’re trying to remember to do and not do when you meet a woman, it can be pretty easy to make the classic mistake of not actually listening to a word she’s saying. That can come back to bite you big time, though. First of all, it’s usually pretty obvious if your attention is elsewhere. Also, you’ll have a much easier time keeping the conversation going (and starting future conversations) if you pay attention to what she’s telling you about herself.