How to Improve Yourself to be More Attractive to Women

Sure there are lots of techniques that can help you talk to women more comfortably and effectively. But what if they’re just plain not interested. Let’s face it, a confident demeanor and a charming wit will go only so far. You may even be able to make a lot of female friends armed with those tools. But if that physical sexual attractiveness just isn’t there, you may have to simply do something about your appearance.

Get in Shape

Now no one’s saying you need to be a body builder. In fact, most women don’t really find that look all that attractive. You should be in decent shape, though, if you’re trying to attract someone of the finer sex.

cool dude get in shape

On top of the fact that it just plain looks better, being in shape sends the message that you care about your appearance and have a decent amount of self-respect. In other words, it tells the women out there that you’re not a slob. You wouldn’t take a woman to your apartment without cleaning and organizing it first, would you? Then why would you present that same kind of sloppy appearance in public.

Keep Tidy

Along the same lines, you should make sure that your clothes are stylish, that they fit right, and that they’re well maintained. No one’s going to go for the guy with his ten year old flannel half tucked into his holey jeans. You don’t have to go out and buy all the latest fashions, but make sure you have some clothes to wear out that flatter you and present the right image.

Plus, wearing these types of clothes will make you feel better about yourself. You’ll come across as more confident, and that’s always a selling point with the ladies.

Keep Your Cool

One sure fire way to turn women off is by seeming too needy or clingy. Don’t throw yourself all over them and try to talk them into dating you. It’s pretty easy to see why that’s not going to work. The problem is that you may not be aware that you’re doing it.

You need to refine your approach so that you’re both approachable to women and slightly mysterious. Don’t put it all out there or you’ll be written off easily as one or another type of guy. If a woman can’t automatically categorize you, she’ll be much more likely to keep a conversation going and actually get to know you a bit.