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The Advantages Of Dating Cougar

The number of men dating women who are older than they are has increased in the recent years. The first few men who dared to engage in a slightly unusual dating arrangement have discovered the benefits of dating cougar. Here are some: 1. Yes, cougars are older women. But here’s the catch. They are not just your ordinary older women. They are SMOKING HOT older women. It’s the adjective that comes before the “older woman” that makes the difference. In short, dating a cougar is dating a […]

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What You Need to Know About Cougar Speed Dating

Cougar speed dating is an exciting way for older and mature women to meet younger men. It is fun, efficient and very effective. This is why; there are many dating services that specialize in cougar relationships that use speed dating in order to come up with exciting matches. Here is how speed dating works. The whole point of cougar speed dating is to meet a lot of potential matches in a short period of time. This will enable you to experience multiple dates in just one session. […]

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