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Creating Rapport as Soon as You Meet a Woman

Dating is no fun – at least 90% of the time. Figuring out how to meet a woman, how to ask her out, and then how to get through the first date and on to the second can seem like insurmountable hurdles. Especially if you’ve tripped over these hurdles a few times, you’re probably wondering how in the world you’ll ever be able to get through these first few challenges and on to the rest of the race. You can try all kinds of tip and techniques […]

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Nice Girls Do It, Too!

It is absolutely true that when online dating sites first started they were populated entirely by perverts, sexual predators, weirdoes, social misfits and emotional wrecks but that is no longer true. Online dating has gone mainstream and has lost all the social stigma it once suffered. Single people of all ages, races, religions and both sexes do it. Short people, tall people, thin people, obese people do it. People from every developed country in the world do it. Nice girls do it, too. The reasons people join […]

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