The Advantages Of Dating Cougar

The number of men dating women who are older than they are has increased in the recent years. The first few men who dared to engage in a slightly unusual dating arrangement have discovered the benefits of dating cougar. Here are some:

1. Yes, cougars are older women. But here’s the catch. They are not just your ordinary older women. They are SMOKING HOT older women. It’s the adjective that comes before the “older woman” that makes the difference. In short, dating a cougar is dating a smoking hot babe.

2. They are experienced. Cougars have reached a point in their lives where they have learned a lot from their experiences. They already know the ropes not just in bed but about life in general. They have become sharper and wiser and are good conversationalists. Most men look for this quality from a woman and are almost instantly attracted to a woman with substance.

3. They are rich. Most cougars have been around long enough to have earned enough, or better yet, more than enough money to pay their own way. This earned wealth could be a result of hard-earned pay check or because they had good divorce lawyers.

Credit is still hers for choosing a rich former husband. This goes without saying that she can even pay for your meals when you go out on a date and you don’t have to worry of what things you could get her because she can take care of that. What they need is real companionship and genuine conversation.

4. They are independent and they know exactly what they want. Cougars have said good bye to the times of clinginess and gullibility. When you ask a cougar where to go or where to eat, expect a quick answer. She might even bring you to a five star restaurant because burger joints and sushi bars are already things of t past for cougars.

5. Lastly, they are confident with no dramas. Cougars are confident with who they are. They are not like chicks in their twenties who would constantly check your cell phone or send you text messages every 15 minutes when you are away. They have survived before you even met so they know how to handle the ups and downs of a relationship. Dating cougar is really worth it.