Tips In Dating A Cougar

Dating a cougar is a challenge for young men. Although typically, it is pretty much like dating a younger woman, here are extra tips for men on how to make a date with a cougar successful:

Be sure you are looking at the right place.
Sure, cougars may be found literally anywhere because they look like just your mom or your aunt, only hotter. In short they can be in the grocery, the subway or the bus station. But, there are proven two places in finding a potential cougar date: First at the bars or clubs and second, from on line dating websites.

Be sure you have the right intentions.
It must be remembered that cougars are “cougars” because they are older than you. They have a lot more experience in dating so expect that they somehow get even your slightest body language. There are cougars that are looking for a boy toy or to be in a relationship with younger man, while there are those who are just want to spend a good time with a younger to guy to relive those fun-under-the-sun days into their lives after 20 years of boring married life.

Be sure you don’t bring up the “age gap” topic.
Cougars are old enough to know that she is called a “cougar” because she is interested in or flirting with, or will eventually date a younger man. In short, there is no need for you to rub the “age gap” thing in because they already get it. What you should do is to convince your cougar date that you are really interested in her as an attractive woman.

Be sure to take her to the right place on your first date.
This way you will have plenty of time to get to know each other. It is important that you treat her just like areal lady that she is. And just because she is older and richer, it doesn’t mean she has to pay for the bill. Be a man. Finally, just be yourself, because dating a cougar can be so much fun if you know how.