Where to Meet Women Other Than Clubs

According to popular wisdom, clubs are the place to go to meet women. After all, what better place to go than a club where groups of women go to hang out with their friends and have a good time? The only problem is that most women don’t actually like meeting guys in clubs.

great place to meet womenClubs are loud and there’s usually plenty of alcohol involved and both of these are situations that make women distrustful of the men they run into. No matter how nice, polite, well dressed and attractive you are, you’re probably still going to have a lot of trouble getting a phone number or striking up a conversation (if for no other reason than you just can’t hear each other).

Plus, since clubs are where everyone goes, you’re going to run into all kinds of competition. But where do you go to meet women if clubs aren’t an option? Actually, there are a lot of good places to try.

Around Town

Just about everywhere you go to run errands can be a good place to meet women. You just have to shift your approach a little. Take the grocery store, for instance. These are generally packed full of women and they’re not likely to have their guard up like they would in a traditional social setting.

A quippy line or help reaching something on the top shelf are both great ways to break the ice and ease your way into a conversation. Plus, just presenting yourself as a man who isn’t afraid of doing the grocery shopping can be a turn on. The same thing works at the bank or the post office too. You just have to be tuned into any opportunity to start a conversation or get her attention.


Another great way to meet women is to sign up for a class or book group at a community center. This kind of social setting is perfect for getting to know people because it automatically gives you something to talk about. It also almost guarantees you multiple opportunities to talk to a woman you might be interested in, taking some of the pressure off and making it easier to not come on too strong.

Things like cooking and language classes are especially good options because they can give you an excuse to get together for study or practice sessions outside of class. Just be sure you actually have some interest in the subject being covered in the class. You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more and the authenticity of your interest will be obvious.